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Palifes is an organization

Palifes is a short form for pal life, we have the passion to ensure that no one is suffering somewhere because of lack of something,whether medicine,food,violence,disability, negligence and such alike, friend’s life matters a lot.

Email: musangodick@gmail.com or palifes@palifes.com

P.O.BOX 300

Postal Code 90121

Emali- Kenya


It is with much concern for the good hearted  as evident in our communities,neighborhood and  the media there are so many highly suffering persons across the nation.

we shall react to the orphans,sick,abandoned ,elderly and disabled.

You know some have so many problems for example being sick and abandoned,elderly and abandoned,sick and disabled- and there is no a shoulder for them to lean on.

for such suffering people,they need only a few things like food,clothes,shelter,education,medicine,special care and church for christian faiths.


Palifes is working out ways to ensure the following are set in to place:

An orphanage for orphans

home for elderly

special care for disabled

school for orphans

church for Christians


  1. To ensure every disabled person in the community is given a chance to do something(those who can) in addition to special given care
  2. To ensure that the community is given proper primary health care essential for everyone
  3. To make sure orphans are cared and taken to school
  4. To care for the abandoned elderly people


Why donate to palifes?

Palifes is a community based organization aimed at taking care of essential issues like:-Caring for the orphans, sick, disabled, abandoned, elderly and destitute

Donate to palifes charity organization to cater for Shelter, Food, Water, Cloths, Education, Special care, Spiritual care (build a church and hire a preacher) and Medical care.

We need money to pay for education for the orphans as we progress to get a land and build our school facility and employ teachers

We currently take the sick to hospitals and pay bills and we are aiming at coming up with our community based health facility and employ medics to carry out the role within our society

You can Donate to Palifes here:

What our website does in addition

Palifes is an open source for users to register, login in and can also login using social media accounts like Facebook twitter linkedin among others

on this site you can make your profilemake a groupstart a forumFind friends,comment on groups ,forums ,timeline among other,Update your status anytime on timeline,post items for sale or buy posted items

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